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World Photo Day (“WPD”) is all about celebrating the wonderful gift of photography and the creative spirit encompassed throughout the community, and enables you to share your view of what photography means to you with everyone all around the world.


By using the World Photo Day Website/s (the “Site/s”) you agree to be bound by the below Terms & Conditions. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended or terminated, or your access to the Site restricted.

Amendments to the Terms & Conditions

WPD may amend these Terms & Conditions on occasion, and will endeavour update users wherever possible, by notifying account holders via their registered email address, and posting the notice concerning changes to our various social media presences, including Facebook and Twitter.

Copyright and Permission to Share

To keep events and the celebration civil, WPD requires that all users only upload works they hold the copyright to, and have permission to share. If your photograph contains people or private property, please ensure you have permission to release publishing rights for the photograph to be included in our photo book.

Our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy is available if you have any doubts, and for further information, you may email [email protected].

Use of Your Images

WPD will not sell or licence your images to third parties. Full Stop. It’s really that simple.

We do however, need you to allow us to use your photos as part of our global celebration and positive impact vision.

You give WPD permission to:

  1. Publish your images in our various photo book series
  2. Print them for exhibitions and public displays
  3. Provide them to 3rd parties for the purpose of promoting WPD

All images provided to partners and other third parties are accompanied with an image use policy that specifies a requirement to acknowledge the photographer in any use of the images supplied. WPD does not release rights to third parties to use your photographs as stock.

Sale of Your Printed Images

The photograph/s you submit to World Photo Day may be published in one of our photo book series or printed for an exhibition. These photo books and prints will be sold with the money made being invested back into the community through our positive impact promise.

By sharing your photograph with WPD, you’re helping make the world a better place. Alongside each photo book, we’ve outlined what percentage goes back into the community. This percentage varies depending on our printing and production costs. Some projects are supported by our partners, allowing us to commit up to 100% of a print run back into the community.

Inappropriate Content

WPD does not check each uploaded work prior to publishing, so occasionally you may happen across content that is inappropriate for the Site.

This may include, but is not limited to, content that infringes the rights of the content owner, or content that does not conform to that which a reasonable person would find acceptable, such as racial, religious, human vilification, or pornographic, abusive, or otherwise in bad taste. WPD will be the sole judge in determining whether reported works are in breach set forth above.

You may report inappropriate content via email at [email protected].

Privacy Policy

Users should familiarise themselves with our Privacy Policy.


Uploaded entries may be eligible for prizes which will be judged firstly by the community, by way of votes, and secondly by our panel of judges. Winners will be announced by WPD and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners may not be the users with the highest vote count by the community, however, these votes will factor in the shortlisting works for the judges to deliberate over.


While all due care has been taken by WPD in the development of this website, we cannot guarantee the site to be completely free from errors or outages, nor other websites linked from community members profiles and photography on the Site to be free from errors or viruses.

WPD will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused through the use of the Site, or from other websites linked from the Site.

You agree to indemnify WPD, directors, employees and people associated with WPD from any and all damages, claims, or expenses (including legal costs) arising from a breach of these Terms & Conditions, or from allegations surrounding works uploaded to the Site whereby the uploader is not the copyright holder, or acting on behalf of the copyright holder.

WPD will accept no liability in the event of our failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions, where such breaches are caused by circumstances beyond our control.