Story 2: Waiting For My Beloved

Chambre du Commerce is one of the most beautiful abandoned buildings in Belgium, model Kim and I wanted to capture on film. It’s a trade building from the 16th century located in a major Belgian city. It’s twice rebuilt after a fire from which the present building arose. In late 1997 the building lost its function and since then it lies deserted and neglected. Hopefully it will be restored soon so that the younger generations can again enjoy her splendor!


I feel like an invader entering abandoned buildings unannounced and without permission. Stepping inside my heart pounds, not knowing what awaits me and fearsome of being caught. Stepping into a building that exhales history, receiving no attention and human warmth for many years, it’s just forgotten and left to die. Once being proud and stately, full of life. Now nature strikes back, cuts through iron and stone, covers floors with carpets of moss, strips the walls of all its splendor, and decorates windows with climbing plants. I find myself in an another world.

Story #2

Photographer: Wil Crooymans

Date: 2015

Location: Chambre du Commerce, Antwep, Belgium

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