Story 5: Last Call

My last night in Iceland, I called a random hostel across the island with a special request. A man picked up and I explained it was my last night in Iceland and I wanted to see the northern lights. So I asked him to look outside and tell me if it was a clear night. He was surprised at the question but after a few chuckles he said “okay” and proceeded to put me on hold for a few minutes. He came back with a positive report and I was off! Once I was about 30 minutes from the hostel I started to see a cloudy snake like shape slither across the sky. It didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t a cloud. As I kept driving I knew I wanted a road in my shot. I lucked out by finding this dirt road that seemed to lead straight into the mountain range. I was grateful that the oncoming trucks and moon painted a little light into my shot. The next morning I boarded a plane content that I was able to see the northern lights.

Story #5
Photographer: Andy Jones
Date: 2016
Location: Iceland
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