Bentley’s 57.7 GigaPixel Car Advertisement


This week, car manufacturer, Bentley released a 57.7 GigaPixel Advertisement. Starting with a view of the Dubai sky line, you can zoom into the photograph with enough detail to clearly see the Bentley badge on a Flying Spur W12 S parked at the marina.

By suspending camera technology developed by NASA 264 meters up the Cayan Tower, this incredible device captured a total of 1,825 individual frames in 40-degree heat and 25 km/h winds to create the image.

The processing the images took 48 hours and the raw stitched image took 18 hours to download!

This image captured by Bentley is now the largest image captured in the world

Bentley have previously created a 53 billion pixel image of the Muslanne on Golden Gate Bridge in California.

If you’re more interested in the car than the photograph, the Bentley Flying Spur W12 S has a 6.0-litre, twin-turbo W12 engine and can reach a top speed of 325 km/h (202 mph).

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