Story 8: The City of Kings

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This photo was taken in the town square of Lima on the 18th of January, 2017. This day marked the 482nd anniversary for when Lima was founded by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizzaro. The anniversary is celebrated on this day with different cultural and artistic festivities. Particularly worth mentioning is the big parade through Lima [...]

Story 7: Gull on a Boat

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I took this shot on the beach in Brighton early one morning. I had walked down from my hotel to try and capture the sun rising over the pier, but as I was looking for a suitable position I noticed this gull sitting very still on the front of this boat. I quickly and quietly [...]

Story 6: South African Storm Chasing

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This image was taken in 2010 on the 10th of October between 19:57 and 20:07 PM. A mere 10 minutes. So it’s a bit of a 10/10/10/10 situation. This was a very fast moving storm which first hit from the North West Province in South Africa and was so intense I could not photograph it [...]

Story 5: Last Call

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My last night in Iceland, I called a random hostel across the island with a special request. A man picked up and I explained it was my last night in Iceland and I wanted to see the northern lights. So I asked him to look outside and tell me if it was a clear night. [...]

Story 4: Deminers in Kabul

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The Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled is the government department that is responsible for all issues relating to landmine victims, including de-miners that are killed (martyred) in the line of duty. In March 2005, I traveled with the Global Exchange delegation "Women Making Change" to Afghanistan for an Independent Study Project in photography. I was [...]

Story 3: Nature, The Superior Technology

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I have been volunteering in Thailand for the last year and on my days off I love exploring into nature to go off the beaten path. On this one day I was up in the mountains on a small track when I was flying the drone for aerial shots I noticed this Jeep driving very [...]

Story 2: Waiting For My Beloved

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Chambre du Commerce is one of the most beautiful abandoned buildings in Belgium, model Kim and I wanted to capture on film. It's a trade building from the 16th century located in a major Belgian city. It's twice rebuilt after a fire from which the present building arose. In late 1997 the building lost its [...]