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Inspiring Positive Impact Through Photography

At World Photo Day, we believe in the power of photography to inspire positive impact in our communities. By bringing together millions of photographers around the world, we’re connecting people in a global celebration that invests back into our local and global communities.

Our World. Our Responsibility.

The team here at World Photo Day believe that each of us has a responsibility to inspire positive change in the world, whether it’s in our everyday choices or through the organisations we support.

We’ve committed to working alongside organisations and individuals inspiring positive impact in the world through vital funds that support the work they do in our communities.

August 19 is also World Humanitarian Day

World Photo Day is hosted on the same day as World Humanitarian Day, a day designated by the UN to recognise the aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and mobilises people to advocate for humanitarian action.

Our Vision. Our Promise.

World Photo Day is a global event that’s aspiring to create positive change in the world through photography. Globally, we’ve committed to working with organisations and individuals to raise awareness, and raise vital funds for the work they do in our communities.

We’ve pledged 10% of our total gross annual revenue (not just our profits) to support organisations and individuals that are inspiring positive change in our world. Some projects like our photo books have higher commitments, with up to 100% going to our positive change fund recipients.


“I believe that photography has the power to tell stories, inspire generations and create positive impact in the world”
– Korske Ara (Founder, World Photo Day)